Dr. Richard O’Dell

Dr. Richard O’Dell and Mrs. Aussie O’Dell had their most romantic and intimate wedding in Florence, Italy. They both agreed on this special location since Florence is so enriched with history and culture and most importantly the power house of the Renaissance, dating back to 1st century BC. They both found Florence to be the most romantic spot in the world. From there they found the Luxury Hotel Continental, owned and operated by one of the most famous Italian families the Salvatore ferragamo Family.

View More: http://francesco-spighi.pass.us/aussie-rickView More: http://francesco-spighi.pass.us/aussie-rick

On May 28, 2014 two days before their wedding, Dr. Richard O’Dell took his bride to be Aussie O’Dell to Vatican City. They were honored with a special blessing for their nuptials by Pope Francis one of the most loved religious leaders today. This is a lifetime experience they both will live to tell their children, family and friends and generations to come.


View More: http://francesco-spighi.pass.us/aussie-rick  View More: http://francesco-spighi.pass.us/aussie-rick

The ceremony
Took at the Luxury Hotel Continental Roof top which has one of the most breaths taking 360 degree views of Florence situated on Ponte Vecchio.  They also hired famous Florence photographer Francesco Spighi, whom had designated very scenic and historical spots to photograph the couple. Their wedding ceremony took place on May 30, 2014. Immediately after their ceremony and celebration Dr. Richard and Mrs. O’Dell were taken to Uffizi, Piazza della Repubblica and the Arno River bank directly under Ponte Vecchio Bridge.


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